Wouldn’t it be great if you could finally stop paying your bookie, and instead, turn the tables, switch the roles, and make the bookies pay you?

Secure your membership position fast, as doors will close again, soon.




Birth of Early Bird Club

You see, I used to post LIVE in-game bets on my Facebook page (ID: Allurre Wang). However, my time is really limited. I do have a life, and I simply don't have the bandwidth to be posting selections around the clock all day.

Very frequently, I would get a request like this...

So, I thought of a membership club solution – where I can post all my picks in one place, in advance before the matches, for all members to get access to.

This is how the Early Bird Picks Club started.

About Me

I have a burning vengeance to beat the bookies.

No, I don’t have a 100% hit rate – nobody does. I don’t have a crystal ball.

I do lose at times – BUT, I still profit at the very end of the week.

That's what matters isn't it? To win in the long run.

After 10+ years of experience in intensive, neck-deep online soccer betting, I learned how to read the odds, conduct thorough statistical analysis, studied market behaviors, which all cultivated me with the skills required today to determine whether goals are likely or not in a particular match.

Invest In Yourself

With your thick extra bundle of winnings, you can then invest it on yourself.

Pay off rent, elevate your lifestyle conditions, buy more toys. Whatever you need to spend your money on.

Get updated on my LIVE Running Picks – and what I’ll be betting on during the day.

You will instantly be given a name and password to the login. Inside the membership’s area, you will get to see my private picks in advance.

Get advance courtesy warnings on the "Trap Hours". Yes, there are hours where bookies will fix games and set up traps for Over/Under punters. They do it shamelessly.

This is when you take a break until the storm is over - if not, you'll only be fighting an uphill battle.

How Do We Earn?

No, inside the EBP Membership area, we do not bet on Handicaps.

We bet for goals.

So, ask yourself, what do you think all of this is worth to you?

Get a taste of what profiting from live soccer betting is like once you become a "Privilege Member"

Seriously, Ask Yourself

Have you ever felt like nothing works?

That there seems to be no realistic or possible way win your soccer bets consistently?

Do you ever wonder when your luck will change, and will this viciously cycle of “up and downs” come to an end?

Doesn’t it get frustrating when you waste a full-week, betting day and night, only to realize that you are trying to recoup your losses?

Make Bookies, Pay You

Even if you do win for 1-2 nights, aren’t you sick of the fact that your winnings for that week usually get washed away from the bigger losses the more you play?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could finally stop paying your bookies, and instead, turn the tables, switch the roles, and make the bookies pay you?

Aren’t you fed up with all these “tip selling” sites, that only offer false promises and can’t deliver after you pay them?


Stop Repeating Your Mistakes

Anyone who isn’t trained on how to bet on soccer live will most likely wipe out their savings. This is devastating. I do not want this to ever happen to you.

Mastering this field requires extensive years of being in the trenches; understanding the inside-out of the soccer business will not happen overnight, especially without guidance.

It's About Precision & Consistency

If you can’t bet with confidence and win consistently, you’re wasting your time.

Time you'll never recover. You could've spent it elsewhere with your family or something with greater returns.

Do not take this fact lightly. Soccer betting can be financially, mentally, and physically dangerous.

You only have a finite amount of time on earth, why waste it losing?

Change that now.


5-Days Trial for just $7.99

There are also a bunch of so-called professional tipping services floating online, and most are owned by heartless people who are taking advantage of the desperate or miserable punters.

We know 95% of them are all scammers preying on the desperate souls, and they’re way overpriced.

Chances of you winning in the long run with them is slim like the size of hair follicles.

So, if you’ve been a skeptic until this day, I don’t blame you. I would be too.

And that explains why I'm letting you experience Early Bird Club 5 days for just $7.99

You can decide later whether you want to stay or not.

It's Not About Luck

Winning Your Soccer Bets, Never Was Based on Luck

To anyone claiming that online soccer betting is B.S, and is all based on luck, they surely don't know the laws of mathematics and statistics at play.

Remember, online soccer betting is a system, and every system operates under a set of variables.

Take a look into the Fibonacci series, sacred geometry, and basic quantum physics, and you will realize that everything in nature can be predicted, using the right presuppositions and by studying the algorithms of systems 🙂

If scientists can predict where atoms go in nuclear physics to create nuclear reactions, which is 1000 times more random than soccer, what makes you think the online soccer betting system can't be cracked?

Play at Pro Level, or Don't Play at All

Anyone who is inexperienced or trained on how to bet on live soccer professionally, will wind up wiping out their savings. This applies s for 95%+ all punters. That's why the house or market will never collapse. I do not want this to ever happen to you.

It requires extensive years of being in the trenches, first-hand experience, odds and market understanding, connecting with underground soccer betting professionals, all in order to harvest the knowledge and ability to “spot” winning picks with a high level of precision.

All those years are costly (considering how much time you have to put in); and most won't reach mastery at all as they bail out.

I’ll say this bluntly: I don’t f-ck around, and will never try scam people for their money.

My soccer picks, are yours. Would I want to lose on my own bets?


In fact, if you feel like you’re not making money when you become a member, contact me for a refund for the first month. I don’t want your money if you’re not happy.

Here’s a small portion of real-live testimonials I’ve received. And no, I did not request for them. All are unsolicited.

I took the liberty to take the screenshots when people left their positive comments or reviews on my Facebook page.

I can easily fish up more positive feed backs, but I’m sure what I’ve included in the testimonials section is more than enough.

If you’d like to check out some real-live testimonials and comments in regards to my online soccer betting performance.

Recap: What Members Get

• Over 15+ Early Bird Picks EVERY Week. These are picks for games from all around the world -- all major soccer leagues including Cup Games.

• Apart from receiving picks directly on your phone, every pick will also be posted on the protected VIP members-only area 24-48 hours in advance. Everything will be organized neatly in one, easy-to-access place.

It’s up to you then to choose which games you want to play on. These are not your typical Handicap recommendations.

This is an insanely valuable package – considering how it’s only $127.00 for the all inclusive membership privileges.

Most people in this industry charge a minimum of $50-$100 minimum per pick. That’s ONE pick.

Let’s not even discuss the standard monthly memberships, they are priced at the tune of thousands.

I’m making your online betting career a profitable, painless, and smooth sailing experience. Yes, I am doing all the hard work and heavy lifting. My motto when it comes to any service: Over deliver, and over deliver again.

early-bird-picks-weekly-soccer-picks-predictions-1And no, I’m not going anywhere. This is not a run of the mill, fly by night project.

Hey. It’s up to you now to decide. There’s no pressure or obligations.

Get your exclusive membership at $127.00 USD per month before I raise the price to $127.00 – $497.00.

This could be the smartest investment you’ve ever made – I’m dead serious.


200 Users Maximum

I will only be giving out keys to the club to 200 Users, at most. That's my support bandwidth.

NOTE: I have the rights to close all membership slots when I think is necessary. Apologies in advance if you can’t get access.

Only $127.00/monthly

One Time Payment to become a “Privilege Member” – Instant Access!

In terms of pricing, you should consider me overly fair and generous for the price points I’ve included. You’ll certainly agree when you get in.

Remember, you will be receiving over 50+ picks every week to select and snatch in your profits from.
No one else on this planet will be offering a membership service at this rate.

No one.


Live Updates on Your Phone

Thanks to the evolution of the social media services today, you can now…

Stay updated when you’re on the go.

All EBP Members get LIVE updates directly to their WeChat account. This way, you’ll never miss out on any action.


Let's Get It

There's a lot money to be made by betting on goals. Otherwise, I wouldn't see the point of creating this club.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact. I’ll reply to you personally in 24 – 48 hours.

You can reach me at: info@earlybirdpicks.com

steady-growth-80-percenter-early-bird-picksIs This For You?

Again, I am not forcing anyone to join.

I believe only a few deserving people who are determined, hungry, and want to make serious money on online soccer betting should join.

P.S If you really want to start winning in online soccer betting, you need to change - or start doing something YOU'RE NOT already not doing.


I'd love to hear from you. Please send me your questions, insights, feedback. I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you - 80Percenter


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