Insurance Betting

Insurance Betting

The whole point of 'insurance betting' is so you lose less of your total investment ON the increments that don't yield much value.

The most value is at O 0.5 ODDS, this is when you win FULL.

If you bet on 0.75 odds, you win half.

The point of arbitraging is buying back on the 1 Ball, or 0.75 Ball increments, if you are investing for in FH goals.

This way, you cushion the impact of the damage if a loss does occur.


First Half Bets

Bet Over 1 ball @0.7 - 0.9

Bet Under 1 Ball @0.7

This cancels out the 1 Ball increment. Worse case scenario is you lose around 20-30% - at least you don't lose the entire 100.

When O/U 0.75 arrives, BET larger. Same rule applies - buy back.

When O/U 0.5 arrives (if it does, this is when you go larger, since most value is on this odd)


Large budget.

If your desired total return is about 100, you need to start with 600 per half.


The goal here is to bet on every increment until the goal arrives.

We don't know exactly when, but we can cancel our bets to either lose less.

Visual Explanation

Here's a visual example and breakdown of insurance betting in effect.

You can apply the same technique to either First Half or Second Half.

This is usually good for games where you only suspect 1 goal max during that half; and only when the scoreline is 0-0 before the half begins.



Notice how I made bet on on O 0.75@0.78, and bought back at U0.75@0.77.

This is to cushion the potential damage, if there were no goals, then I don't lose the entire 250, and rather just a small portion which may not seem to have much effect.


As you can see, as the game elapses, the 0.5 is now available on the market. This is the increment with the most value.


Buying at 0.5 @0.92 will offer MOST VALUE. Why? Because if you bet 100, you get 92. This is the increment where I'll invest the most money on.

I can cancel my investment on 0.75, since I'd only win half if the bet was cleared.


And.. the goal arrived on the 42' during the FH.



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